HMDA master plan

HMDA Master Plan 2031 – HMDA Zones

The Real Estate Industry in the city of Hyderabad is at its peak considering the number of settlements in every developing area. Furthermore, Hyderabad is an IT hub, so many people from around the country and abroad are settling in the…

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hmda & dtcp

HMDA & DTCP – How do they Work?

The Real Estate industry in the country has been leading for a long time now. From business owners to families, every individual is investing in real estate properties to secure their future. Similarly, Hyderabad also has seen a lavishing amount of…

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real estate investment

Real Estate Investment – Pros & Cons

One of the most globally recognized sectors, Real Estate is the best and safest option for investing your savings. Many real estate investment strategies are available for buyers as it helps to think better and smarter when it comes to the…

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land tax

A Brief Guide to paying Land Tax

Investing in Real Estate is beneficial, but it also comes with the cost of paying a certain amount to the government authorities. If you claim ownership of a title, you will need to continue paying a fee. Owners of various types…

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